NEW - Variety Pack of ALL 2Pack Flavors (50 packs total)

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NEW Grab & Go 2packs to bring along wherever the day takes you!
Same bites, new bag. 

Variety Pack includes 10 bags of each flavor of 2pack Energy Bites: 10 Packs of Cocoa Craze, 10 Packs of Peanut Envy, 10 Packs of Chia Crunch, 10 Packs of Off The Walnut, 10 packs of Key Lime Love.

50 2packs total (100 Energy Bites!)



We’re similar to fresh produce!

You can keep us out, but refrigeration will keep them extra fresh. We last 4 weeks out of the refrigerator, 6 months refrigerated, or 1 year frozen.

In fact, we LOVE eating them straight from the freezer.


Cocoa Craze Ingredients: dates, almonds, pecans, cocoa powder, unsweetened coconut, vanilla extract

Peanut Envy Ingredients: roasted peanuts, dates, sea salt

Chia Crunch Ingredients: cashews, dates, chia seeds, vanilla extract, sea salt

Off The Walnut Ingredients: walnuts, dates, unsweetened coconut, vanilla extract, sea salt

Key Lime Love Ingredients: dates, cashews, almonds, unsweetened coconut, key lime powder, lime powder


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Have you ever grabbed a snack, looked at the label and wondered "What am I eating? "What IS that ingredient?"

Sattva Vida solves this mystery by going back to the basics- back to pure, natural ingredients that taste great and are great for you.  We believe simple is better, and less is more.  

Sattva Vida translates to Pure Life in Sanskrit and Spanish. Sattvic foods are those that are pure, essential, natural, energy-containing, and clean. A Sattvic Diet is sometimes referred to as a Yogic Diet. It helps maintain harmony and balance in one's body and mind.

Our snacks are gluten-free, vegan, and yummy!  They don't contain oats, grains, flour, added sugars, or anything artificial. In fact, we make our own date paste from scratch. 

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