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What are Sattva Vida Energy Bites? 

Our Energy Bites are made with pure, natural ingredients. Our primary ingredients are dates and nuts. The dates make them sweet and supply fiber, while the nuts and seeds pack them with protein and nutrients. 

How many flavors do you offer? 

Five: Peanut Envy, Cocoa Craze, Off The Walnut, Key Lime Love and Chia Crunch

What does Sattva Vida mean? 

Sattva Vida translates to Pure Life in Sanskrit and Spanish. Sattvic foods are those that are pure, essential, natural, energy-containing, and clean. A Sattvic Diet is sometimes referred to as a Yogic Diet. It helps maintain harmony and balance in one's body and mind.

What are the ingredients? 

Mostly dates and nuts. Here's our full ingredient list for ALL of our flavors: almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, chia seeds, unsweetened coconut, key lime powder, lime powder, cocoa powder, vanilla and sea salt. Simple, healthy ingredients. 

Are there any allergens? 

Yes, our Energy Bites have tree nuts, peanuts and coconut. All are manufactured on the same machinery. 

Are all flavors gluten free? Vegan? 

Yes, our five flavors of Energy Bites are all gluten-free and vegan.

And Non-GMO? 

Yes! We do not use any ingredients that are genetically modified. We do not yet have certification but have checked with our suppliers to ensure that each ingredient is non GMO.


Are the Energy Bites raw?

Yes. Our bites are raw. We don't heat or cook them during production. All ingredients are raw except for the peanuts, which are roasted.


How long will Sattva Vida Energy Bites stay fresh? How do I store them? 

We’re similar to fresh produce! You can keep us out, but refrigeration will keep them extra fresh. We last 6 weeks out of the refrigerator, 6 months refrigerated, or 1 year frozen. In fact, we LOVE eating them straight from the freezer.


Can I use a discount code with Subscribe & Save? 

Subscribe & Save is 15% off on all items so discounts cannot be added to this. All of our discount codes can only be used one time per customer. 


What do I do if my Subscribe & Save isn't working? 

Contact us at and we'll fix it for you. Sorry for the inconvenience on this.  


What kind of packaging do you use? Is it sustainable? 

We use containers made partially with post consumer recycled plastic - from Inline Plastics.  They have created a brand new, innovative  plastic, made with recycled plastic, called rDPET, that is the first of its kind in the USA. Find out more here: .


What is your Shipping Policy? 

We offer FREE shipping for all orders over $45. For orders under $45 we have a standard shipping rate of $3.99. 

All orders will be delivered within 2-5 business days in the continental US. Our products are shipped fresh and will arrive to you just as delicious as the day they were made!